March 20, 2013

The last couple of days in pictures..

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I've been kind of busy in the last couple of days, that's why I haven't updated my blog. But I took pictures of what I have worn, read, eaten, seen, bought and what I would love to buy. So, here they are:
 my outfits..
 going out..

 Monday afternoon...

Yesterday  at work...

food that I loved eating (rise with mushrooms and spring salad)

Amazing quote I found in a magazine

 A part of it is also in my life motto..

A necklace that I bought and I really really love

...and the sandals I would love to buy..

And today...another busy day...but it is nice outside and that makes me happy! 

Wish you all a perfect rest of the week!
xoxo MM


  1. the first outfit is very pretty!

  2. Lovely post...your outfits are so pretty:)
    ~Anne xx

  3. Love these outfits. Nice combinations of pieces. What a lovely necklace.

  4. The 3 rd one is definitely my favourite ;0)