March 15, 2013

Ugly weather..

Hi, sweeties!

Who would have thought that after a few days of clear skies and nice spring temperatures, the ugly weather is back in town. I hate it!!

The last couple of days have been very busy for me but with all the craziness at work, I had a special treat from my sweetie. He surprised me with tickets to see Vaya con Dios in concert, Wednesday night, as part of their ”Farewell tour”. Dani Klein is one of my favorite singers due to her special voice. I loved the concert!!!!

 Ugly weather..

Happy weekend, everyone and hope you have a better weather in your part of the world!!

xoxo MM


  1. oh the concert looks nice! and it's raining and snowing here right now, not much better than your place!! ugh I wish spring is here already :)

  2. Yes the weather is so bad! The concert looks really great.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. The weather here it's so bad too, very cold and raining all the day !, the pictures are amazing :)
    Kisses !

  4. Here is so cold and rains a lot. Beautiful pictures