May 31, 2011

Romantic mood

Hi sweeties!

It is not Valentine's Day, I won't have a special night, I'm not going anywhere exotic.....well,  I don't know why I have this romantic mood today... Is it because last night  I watched " Gone with the wind" for the 1000th times?  It is my favorite of all times. Indeed is romantic...And I admit I'm the most romantic person on the planet!!

Do you cry your eyes out at happy endings, adore love messages written on chocolate boxes, enjoy kissing in the rain, drink champagne on a sandy beach, read romantic novels, look for hours at old happy pictures, love hugging and cuddling with your loved-one  under the candle light, listen romantic songs? If you do...well,  you are just like me and I'm sure you understood my today mood and enjoyed all those pictures! xoxoxo

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May 30, 2011


Happy Monday, lovelies!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Today I am the pink "panther" ! Well...almost.....because I  am wearing white accessories:))
I am in love with this dress because is very comfortable and easy to wear when the temperatures go crazy ( which btw I like).

Hope you like it!

Hooray!!! I got another one...

Thanks MINNJA for giving me an award!! It means a lot to me :). I  feel happy and honored you appreciate my blog.

"MINNJA The blog" 

is an amazing blog that I've discovered recently and  I would recommend you to take a few minutes and check it because you'll  find interesting things that I'm sure you'll enjoy.
Thank you so much, my  lovely readers!!!  xoxoxo

May 27, 2011

Pure perfection...

Hello lovely people!

Another day of crazy, just a quick post for today named "pure perfection".  
Thank you so much for your sweet comments and I promise to get back to you as soon as this craziness is  finished!!

Happy Friday everyone! xoxoxo


May 26, 2011

Working like crazy

Hi sweeties!

I've been very busy in the past few days but today will be the craziest day of all. A meeting is coming soon  so I have to work my tail off , especially today. Therefore, sorry I won't write much today...
Instead I'll show you a casual outfit that I wore for shopping. The quality of the picture is not that good..Sorry about that..
Enjoy your day! xoxoxo

May 25, 2011

Sunny inspiration

Hello lovely people!

I am in a very good mood today. It's been hot and sunny in the past couple of days which makes me feel incredibly happy and ready for summer. I opened the windows and let the sun shine in and the inspiration came right away. 
Here are  some sunny inspirational pics. Enjoy!!

After seeing these pictures would you like to eat an ice cream, have a cold drink, go to the beach, buy a new dress, visit your grandparents? Did I just put a little smile on your face? Please let me know your wonderful thoughts. xoxoxo

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May 24, 2011


Happy Tuesday lovely readers!

In a previous post I was telling you about my pleasure of eating apples. Yes, indeed, apples are my favorite fruits. They are an important part of my everyday menu. I love them because their taste is so delicious!  I love all the recipes having apples as ingredients. One of them is "the candy apples", which we adore. (me and my son).

In terms of health, there is an old saying that I think everybody knows it :  "One apple a day, keeps the doctor away!". And is so true because scientific studies have shown that eating apples on a regular basis may help prevent certain diseases and improve your overall health. Did you know that apples have no cholesterol,  fat or sodium and contain potassium which helps maintain healthy  blood pressure and a healthy weight?

I love apples because they are a source of inspiration for daily use items, fashion and art. Just the image of an apple is absolutely a positive thing. And when I feel a apple blossom perfume I always smile. 
So, as you can see,  I am crazy about  everything containing apples. 

Do you like apples too?

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